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Professor Sridharan teaches two courses based on her research on corporate information flows: (1) Financial Reporting and Analysis, as part of the Goizueta Full-Time MBA core curriculum, (2) Corporate Political Strategy.

ACT 499R/599R

Corporate Political Strategy

Offered Fall 2022: M/W from 4 to 5:15 pm

OPUS course numbers 5368 and 5369

By electing politicians who appoint regulators, voters effectively set the “rules of the game” for all businesses. Recognizing this, firms invest resources to glean information about future political developments and shape their disclosure practices to potentially influence political outcomes. In this class, we will learn how businesses leverage information dynamics to manage the risks and opportunities presented by political systems. We will examine government regulation of industry, activist and public interest groups, the role of lobbying and campaign contributions in the policymaking process, ethical frameworks for corporate political strategy, and other related topics. Examples and cases will be drawn from the United States, developed democracies, and emerging markets.

Prerequisites: None.

ACT 512

Financial Reporting & Analysis

Offered Fall 2022

FTMBA Core Curriculum


Financial reporting is the language corporations use to communicate with external stakeholders; fluency in this language is a vital skill that helps students to make better, more informed decisions. We will study the assumptions, principles, procedures and concepts underlying financial reporting, with an emphasis on understanding and interpreting the information provided by a firm in its published financial statements. The process of learning how various business activities impact financial statements also provides the opportunity to better understand the underlying business activities themselves. We will incorporate real world applications, including actual financial statements, to reinforce the relevance of topics to real business situations.

What Students Say

Image by Jessica Ruscello

Professor Sridharan is an excellent teacher. She cares so much about what she teaches and makes the class fun. She is very bright, well-spoken, and pleasant and is actually my favorite professor I have ever had.

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